My goal is to make Stonecrest one of the most desirable cities in Dekalb County!!!!

Revamping beautification and development

When people think their communities are beautiful, they tend to move about and socialize more, feel happier, and experience a deeper sense of belonging. Cities can more easily attract new residents and businesses if the streets, avenues, parks, and public spaces are attractive and inviting.

Developing a mixed economy where people can live, work, relax and play

Create more opportunities for the younger members of the city to prepare them for the future. Investing in our kids in addition to building parks and recreational centers, bringing in companies that teach kids to code, offers tutoring, sports training, after-school programs, and summer programs. Creating opportunities as well as entertainment and upscale restaurants for the senior citizens in the district. 

Improving public safety and public transportation

Shelters should be provided at strategic places so people will have a place to sit, be protected from the weather, and have a feeling of safety and security while commuting. Marta has been contacted for Turner Hill and Mall Parkway. They should be designed to accommodate the maximum number of waiting passengers, be well lit, and provide adequate protection from the weather. People need to feel safe, know when a bus will arrive, and where it will go.